Our Village

We’ve moved a lot y’all.  A lot.  We are currently living in our 6th place in 5 years of marriage.  Living in our 4th city and our 4th state.  Hopefully we won’t be moving towns anytime soon, although we are hoping in the next couple of years to finally be home owners.  Someday, someday.  I just keep telling myself it will happen someday.  Anyway, now that Matt can work from home we can virtually live anywhere we want.  One thing that has really stood out to us as very, very important is community.  We have lived near both of our families at different times, and nothing can replace grandparents and aunts and uncles nearby.  But, as our culture gets crazier and crazier and raising a faithful Catholic family gets harder we have found that couples and friends who are like minded and ready to help us along in our journey are invaluable.  Being a young couple like we were when we first got married was hard, most couples we met who were our age weren’t married yet and/or were just living together.  They weren’t in the same place as us.  Now, I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t be friends with people who aren’t in the same place as you, we should be!   But as Catholics who are trying to journey toward Heaven we need community that is actively helping us to attain that goal.  We need people we can go to for support and guidance.

In upstate NY and the mountains of NH (a story I will tell someday, we.were.nuts. sort of literally), we didn’t have great community.  We knew older couples in NY, but no young couples like ourselves, and in NH we lived on the deserted side of a mountain and knew no one.  It was hard, it was a big reason we moved away from those places.  Then we lived in DC, had great friends in the greater DC area, and Matt’s family, but with traffic, cost of living, and the fact that it took forever to get to see said friends and family we moved.  Matt got permission to work from home so we moved to where we knew we would have community and where the pace of life was a little slower.  We moved to where we knew people our age who shared our faith, our way of life.  And we have never been happier.

Our culture is crazy.  If you look at the news recently you know that everyday there is something new that is bad.  Bad news everywhere.  Living a Christian lifestyle in this culture is getting harder and harder to do.  We all need help.  We need people who are going to call us on and help us along the way.  When we were living in the places where we felt alone (and a lot of it was our fault, neither my husband or I are the ‘walk up and introduce ourselves to people we don’t know’ types) I tried to convince myself that we were fine.  We didn’t need friends in the area, we had friends from college we stayed in touch with and we had each other, and in DC we had my husband’s family.  But now that we are here I realize how wrong I was.

We are busy all the time now!  We are busy with wonderful families we have gotten to know, Maggie has numerous friends who are almost like siblings to her already, Matt and I both have support, both have close friends who are where we are in life, going through the same struggles day to day.  The saying goes, “it takes a village….” I feel like we’ve found our village.  Yes, we miss our Nana and Pop and Memere and Grandpa and cousins and aunts and uncles and all our family.  But since the move I can honestly say Matt and I are happier in our marriage than we’ve ever been, we are each other’s best friend, but we aren’t the only friend now.  I don’t have to drive 35 minutes to visit other moms I’m close too (although I miss dearly those who I left when we moved), I can literally walk 30 seconds and be at the door of what have become very dear friends.  This village likely won’t last forever, but it is our village right now, and my goodness, God couldn’t have put us in a better place for where we are in our lives right now.


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