Monday Musings {v. 3}

Monday Monday.  I’m determined to find a way for Mondays not to be the worst……but, Daddy gone after the weekend is just hard.  I’m going to enjoy this week though, next Monday Daddy leaves for a couple of days for a work trip.  Work trips are the worst but I’m learning how to make them not horrible…..I’ll talk about that next week sometime to distract myself from how bad they are.

Fall is here and I LOVE IT!  I love cold weather.  I’m so excited that winter is coming.  I’m weird but I get sick of summer.  Hot, sweaty, sticky, humid…I just get sick of it.  Fall is such a relief and growing up in New England just gave me a lot of love for the winter.  So bring on the cold.

History nerd here!  PBS is running a new Ken Burns documentary on The Roosevelts and I’m pretty pumped about it.  That might be the nerdiest sentence I’ve ever written….  Thank you dad!  Growing up watching either hunting shows or something on PBS or the History Channel will make you appreciate history, and hunting, but that is a different story.  So, the next few nights will find me parked in front of the TV watching me some PBS.

The time is just about here for us to pull out the garden.  We had about 4 weeks of unbelievable amounts of tomatoes but it seems that they are finally starting to slow down.  We gave a lot of tomatoes away, ate a lot of homemade salsa and Matt ate a tomato everyday with his lunch for awhile.  Tomatoes is one of the foods I recently found out I have an extreme sensitivity too so I’m not supposed to be eating them.  I didn’t eat as many as I could have but it was impossible and would have been complete torture to not eat any of them!  But, this blast of cold weather we are in the middle of has killed it finally, that and Maggie.  She likes to pick all the green tomatoes and give them as presents through the fence to the little girl who is about her age next door.  She’s generous one.  It was so great to have a garden this year!  I’ve wanted one since we’ve been married but we have never had the space.  Overall I’d say it was successful, learned so much and am already excited to put everything I learned into practice next year.  There were definitely lots of lessons to put into practice, we lost our 2 pumpkin plants and after a few zucchini we lost our 4 zucchini plants to some bugs that ate the roots and destroyed the plants, but lots of tomatoes, radishes and red peppers so for a first time garden I’d say it was a pretty good run.

So that is that.  Not much exciting news to report, just life plugging a long one day at a time.  We are in the middle of some pretty awesome projects as we re-do the master bedroom.  Which for us means refinishing furniture and building a real grown up bed frame complete with headboard.  I’m working on some things for the walls and making curtains.  Hopefully in another month we will have a bedroom that feels like a bedroom and not a college dorm room.  Hopefully.  I’m anticipating a lot of sweat, blood, and tears before we get to that point, pray for us?

Obligatory picture of the babe for the grandparents……mmmm veggie sticks.


Have a lovely week!


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