Monday Musings {v. 2}

It’s late but the clock hasn’t rolled to Tuesday yet so here we go!

We had an absolutely lovely weekend!  Friday night we had a couple of families from our neighborhood over.  I can’t even describe how awesome it is to have good Catholic families live in walking distance!  One of them is moving though, not far, but too far to walk.  So we had a cookout and it was a great way to get together, drink wine and eat good food while the kids ran wild in the backyard. It was likely the last cookout we will host this year, still hot during the day but once the sun goes down it is getting cooler!

We went up to the University to a rugby match on Saturday afternoon.  Maggie is fascinated with the game.  She is always a little concerned when there is a scrum or tackle right in front of us, but she loves looking for the ball and watching the boys run after it.  She really likes boys/men.  At Mass on Sunday a row of college boys was behind us and she just wanted to talk to them and share her baby doll with them….but if a sweet old lady comes up or a college girl, she’s all “get out of my face.”

Morning routine that includes dance parties!  I am not a morning person.  It usually takes two cups of coffee and just some precious time for me to be awake/with love.  I have the best husband who helps get Maggie milk in the morning (milk is the girl’s coffee, without it the morning is bad), and he empties the dishwasher so I start the day with a kitchen that is ready to go.  Can you say the best?  It is easy for me to plop Maggie in front of a half hour show or a movie first things so I can wake up, but that is just not a good way to start the day!  So, dance parties we have.  I have to get into them, but Mags  She asks for music all the time, we try to mix up what she listens to, some classical, folky stuff and definitely some dance tunes.  I’m working to be able to upload videos so y’all can see some of her sweet dance moves, they are hilarious. When we start our morning reading together and then having a dance party everyone is in a better mood, even if I really have to talk myself into it some days.

Terrible Twos are here.  I say no, she does it louder, faster, crazier.  Push the limits, test mommy, see how far she can get.  And man can she throw down when it doesn’t go the way she wants to.  Cabinets totally emptied, can lift and open a gallon container and empty the contents, luckily it was just water this time.  And tissues and wipes, she gets them and within 2 seconds the container is empty, every time.

IMAG1142                IMAG1156               IMAG1157



She loves ketchup, we got home from Mass on Sunday and as Matt and I were getting ready to make breakfast we realized the ketchup was out…..and being squeezed all over the floor.  Just took the cap all the way off and dumped.  Daddy had a talk with her about how maybe that wasn’t the best idea, she was proud to show me though.

DSC_0021                       DSC_0022


And then, later that day, again while Matt and I were in the kitchen (can you say “parents of the year?”) she got the biggest spoon we owned out of the drawer and helped herself to a huge helping of peanut butter.  I tell ya, when toddlers learn to unscrew caps it is the worst.  It is a skill we should try to keep from them for as long as possible.

DSC_0025                DSC_0038               DSC_0043


Happy Week Everyone!



2 thoughts on “Monday Musings {v. 2}

  1. ana

    So sweet, and way to go dancing in the morning! My kids are watching Vegi Tales as I type.
    Are you guys living in the Ville? I’m a wee bit jealous 🙂



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