7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen and quick taking it up:


Potty.Training.  I really missed that “window” everyone talks about because we had so many looong car trips this summer and potty training was out even though she was ready.  The following picture sums up how my child, who has yet to do anything in the potty instead of on the floor right next to the potty, is doing.  Potty training divas is no joke.  And yes, she was really wearing the Blues Brothers glasses while sitting on the potty reading books.  The hands in the potty is something we’re working on, although since she has yet to deposit anything in the potty I let it go for the photo since it was convenient editing of the photo to keep it G rated.. 



Toddlers y’all, toddlers.  A friend of our family very rightly calls it the “Yes I don’t and No I do!” stage.  Amen sister, amen.  Because wow.  The cuteness is too much and wonderful and I laugh and laugh.  And then things like the following:  I was trying to shower and wash my hair for the first time in longer than I care to admit when my little helper with all things I do not want help with walked in.  She has recently learned to unscrew any screw on cap (worst skill ever!)  She unscrewed and dumped one of my birchbox samples, a salt and lemon exfoliator scrub all over the floor.  She then stepped in it.  Now my Little Miss is a bit on the crazy ocd side.   So she freaked about yuckys on her foot.  I reached out of the shower, wiped her foot and told her to leave the room please.  She turned and stuck her foot back in the mess.  Freak out number two.  By freak out number 4 mommy was losing it in the shower.  The hubs met me outside his office with a hug, which never happens y’all, he usually stays in there at all costs.


But toddlers.  Too cute for words.  Exasperating but just so fun.  I was two rooms away cleaning the other day and started sneezing.  I heard “Bess you mum”  It took me a minute to register what she had said.  Too cute.  She was playing on her slide last night and I told her, “one more time and then all done Mags,” that is usually our transition phrase for her.   She got really serious and said “wun mo en AAAAAALLLL DUUUNNN”  she repeated that several times to make sure I got the idea.  She still threw a fit when she had done it one more time.  But it was super cute.  She also walks up to Matt and I at random times and wants to shake our hands and do “Peece aaaaaa ooo”  There are a lot of words in between Peace and you and she has the general idea so, good enough, and she doesn’t actually do it at Mass since that requires interacting with people we don’t know and that is absolutely out so she has to get her fix in during the week.


I just ordered my first Mommy Planner.  I’m trying to be better about being more organized.  My new diet, which I’ll be talking about more later, requires a lot of planning right now until I’m more used to it and in a groove with it.   Projects for seasonal decorating and finishing the redo of our bedroom that we are working on are taking my attention I need to be better about keeping up with the normal day to day stuff like ya know, cleaning the bathrooms, floors, and laundry. Boring.  Let’s be honest spray paining decorative vases for the redecorate of the mantle I’m working on is way.more.fun.  But, planner, organization; not at all natural for me, but necessary for this phase of life, so here we go.


It is deadline time for the hubs.  2 weeks away!  Say a prayer for him?  He is great and stops working between 4:30 and 5:30 every night to spend time with Maggie and then after she goes to bed at 7 he is back to it, so I’m starting to miss him.  It’s a lot of pressure and stress to turn the projects in on time.


Ooh yes, in spite of deadline time we got a fun second honeymoon at the beach last week.  Little Miss spent the time at Nana and Pop’s house (my in-laws) and we had 3 days of beautiful beach weather, awesome food, and totally relax time to connect amidst all of the crazy right now.  Amazing.  Such a blessing for us.


Y’all, Iraq and Syria.  This whole situation with ISIS has been weighing heavy on my heart.  I’ve cried, I’ve felt guilty for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, guilty for being able to go to Mass and Confession whenever I want.  How do we carry on?  Haley over at Carrots wrote this wonderful post about maintaining the hope and joy of Easter in the midst of terrible tragedy.


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