Quirky Kid

So maybe all kids are like this….or maybe not, I don’t really know.  I do know that our sweet Little Miss is quite a quirky little character.  She makes us laugh so much.  Currently her favorite things are:

1) Sitting in her office
2) Our couch pillows
3) Screaming
4) Grunting

1) Not really an office, but we call it an office.  Through a small patch of woods behind our house you can see the highway.  Especially before all the leaves started coming in you could see the cars going by.  Maggie at least for 5 minutes everyday, usually longer, assisted by her father or I, hangs out at the window ledge watching traffic.  She takes her job very seriously and doesn’t like to be disturbed.  She doesn’t smile, giggle, or talk during this time, just very seriously watches traffic go by.  When the lights are against her for 30 seconds and there are no cars she starts to get a bit stressed out.  It is hard to do ones job of watching cars when there are no cars to watch.  She puts her hands up on the ledge, usually holding the window lock and watches cars.  As the trees fill out they are getting less and less visible and I fear she may be filing for unemployment soon as again, hard to do the job when you can’t see the cars.

2) Our couch pillows.  Maybe its the polka dots?  I don’t really know, but she looks and talks to them like they look and talk back at her.  If she’s having a bad day I park her on the couch with the two couch pillows and she tells them all about it and calms right down.  We are working on finding her some friends.

3) Screaming.  Y’all, I believe my sweet girl is the most beautiful, perfect little darling.  But she makes the most ungodly noise I have ever heard.  It’s a screech, scream, loud noise.  It sounds like it should give her a sore throat after about .02 seconds, but she can go for hours.  I am amazed the neighbors haven’t called animal control to stop us from torturing cats…it’s that bad.  And let me tell you with a goal of seeing just how loud her little lungs can actually go and endurance like a marathon runner there are days when Matt walks in the door and I want to pull my hair/have already pulled most of it out.

4) Grunting.  Our sweet little lady.  When she isn’t screaming she is grunting.  I don’t know what this sweet baby babbling is that other people talk about here.  We have screeching cats and grunting pigs at our house, it’s how we roll.  I have had people act very surprised and very alarmed when they walk up at the store and say how cute she is and rather than smile and babble she smiles and loudly and emphatically makes a guttural grunt at them.  I just smile and say “Yes we think she is adorable,” while they walk away thinking I’m a crazy lady.

We are so excited to see where this sweet little girl’s independent and very, very wonderful personality is going to go!

And I leave you with my absolute favorite picture of all time:


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