So, not much exciting going on here these days…..just a girl growing more and more and more.  Sweet lady ma’am has a tooth.  At just over 5 months she cut her first tooth.  We’re waiting for it’s little partner to come in on the bottom and this second rodeo has been much worse than the first.  Anyone who has children knows how terrible it is when they’re cutting so it isn’t worth elaborating, but safe to say she’s been a sad little girl.

I have finally started kicking myself in the butt and working out and trying to be good about taking my vitamins.  Unfortunately I accidentally bought the stupid vitamins that require you take 3 a day to get a dose.  Then I bought another supplement to take with it, 2 pills a day, plus Vitamin D and Fish Oil coming to a whopping 8 vitamins a day…..ridiculous.  When Matt came down one day and saw me with a handful of pills his comment was…”What are you terminal?”…..fair point my friend, fair point. There is actually a pill missing from this shot.

And…we have 6 month pictures!  I cannot believe she is 6 months old!  I also apologize for the scandalous look of the wee one in these pics.  I got her all set up and did the photo shoot and then realized after she had gone to bed that she hadn’t had a shirt on and was supposed to have one of her little undershirts on, but I wasn’t even close to tempted to re-do it.


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