Of Life Lately

Well here we are.  Finally enjoying spring!  It has been wonderful to be able to get outside and enjoy the warm weather.  Maggie looooves being outside.  She is quite excited to get set up in her stroller and go for a walk to meet Daddy at the bus every afternoon.

I realize this is not the most flattering of pictures of the bebe, but it shows off her incredible chunkiness, which is a somewhat recent development, and when it’s bigger it shows off the tooth.  It also shows off the telltale sign she hadn’t napped well this day (although that’s most days).  Like her daddy, when this girl is tired she has a very hard time opening her right eye, it gets very, very droopy.  Some afternoons she looks like someone socked her in the face minus the bruise, and yet she still.won’t.sleep. until 7pm in the pm.

We went down to see the cherry blossoms in downtown DC.  Babygirl had a great time rolling around on her blanket near the Tidal Basin and enjoying the beautiful day.  Honestly, for this mama, we have cherry trees in our town and I’m not sure it was worth the metro and crazy crowds to look at a bunch of trees.  But we can check it off the “we live here so we should do this touristy thing” list…..which is still very, very long; hopefully now it will be getting shorter now that we have Little Miss.

The flavor of the week for things that are the most entertaining are books.  Any book really, she loves her bedtime book with daddy and she absolutely loves having a book on the floor to play with

Per her usual development milestones being at the very beginning of the “normal” range the doctor gives she has cut her first tooth at 5 months.  1 down and many, many more to go, but I’ll take the victory.  She actually did fairly well considering it probably felt like a razor blade was pushing up through her mouth….we’re through until the next one starts.


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