Procrastination makes it happen…..somehow

I have a problem.  The more I have to get done the less I do.  It doesn’t help that I can actually clean our entire house in 1 1/2 hours flat, when I finally decide to do it’s quickly and efficiently, but boy I like to wait until the last minute.

We have a ridiculous few days ahead.  Little Miss’s godfather is coming to visit and that involves a guest in our house for 5 days, a trip to Costco, a trip to Giant, a trip to Target, cleaning my house, planning and packing for a day in DC, planning and preparing for a dinner for our dear friends with twins, godfather, and ourselves tomorrow, and for most of Matt’s family on Saturday while also working this weekend.  And trying to get flowers in the ground and mulch the front garden before it’s too hot, so possibly a trip to Home Depot in there as well.

I woke up this morning knowing all this had to be done and so far I’ve done nothing….besides drink coffee and play with sweet lady, which I tell myself is my real job so the other stuff can wait….

It will be interesting for us to have so many people in the house and around and I think it will be very, very good for Little Miss who really isn’t a fan of people.  She is the smiliest bubbly little girl at home, but as soon as there are people around who aren’t Matt and I watch out.  Let the glare-fest, and hopefully not but sometimes the scream fest commence.  This is very close to the nicest look she usually gives when people are around (this picture is actually her giving me some serious attitude about disturbing her playtime with her current best friend and obsession, our couch pillows):

So, hopefully having people around for a few days will help her get a bit more comfortable outside of the mommy/daddy bubble, and realize that people can be much more friendly than couch cushions, but we’ll see.

I am excited to head into DC and get some pictures of Little Miss and some cherry blossom beauty and finally take the family pictures that involve Matt and my fat pregnant self off the wall and put up some of this sweet girl!


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