The move has happened.  We are absolutely loving being in our new townhouse….we have so much more space than we are used to, and it is so cute.  The Lord really blessed us and gave us exactly what we were looking for!  The kitchen and main level are done, just the rest of house to go!  Little Miss has done really, really well with the move and adjusting.  Yesterday was hard, but I’m chalking that up to missing the morning nap to get 3 shots at the doctor.

As long as Little Miss has one of her quilts and some toys on the floor she’ll be happy.  And to sleep her bed, her owls, and her purple blanket (which also weirdly has owls on it, I didn’t notice it until a couple weeks ago), she is good to go.  These last 2 weeks I have been more thankful than ever to have such a laid back baby!

We did manage to get her 4 month pictures done the day before we moved, pleased excuse the mess in the background.

We had some really funny pictures, it was the first time she was very excited and curious about the piece of paper that mommy gave her so she spent some time trying to figure that out.  She is also starting to sit up with support for a bit but then starts to fall over, so this was quite a funny photo sesh.

Someday when we have things a little more settled I’ll post some pictures of the house and neighborhood, it’s so cute……but I keep asking Maggie to get moving on the huge walk-in closet and bathroom organization, but she’s taking her sweet time with it, so until we get things a bit more settled, pictures will have to wait!


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