This and That

Matt received, for the first time in years, a toy for his birthday.  His sister got him a toy helicopter for his birthday, and it has been one of the funnest (not a word but it’s appropriate) presents in a long time.  We’ve have spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to learn how to fly it and laughing hysterically.  It is usually the way we unwind in the evening after Little Miss has gone to bed.

Here Matt showed off major skills by landing the helicopter on the jungle….

           These pictures show the focus involved and unfortunately I missed it due to laughing so hard, but shortly after this he almost flew it into his face.

The thing looks like a giant wasp flying around our apartment, and luckily is incredibly resilient considering how many times we’ve crashed it into walls, counters, bookshelves and just had it come crashing out of the air.

Little Miss has been awake a couple of times when we have it out and sits there generally giving it the stink eye and probably trying to figure out why mommy and daddy get so silly when it’s flying around.

Maggie has a new goal in life.  It consumes pretty much every single waking moment of her day.  And that goal is to stuff her entire fist in her mouth.  She usually tries this even when she is eating, which has caused some interesting nursing times.

     This is how most of the day goes, she usually does this for a few minutes before choking when she actually accomplishes getting most of her fist in her face.

Checking out the newest object of her affections

                                     Why would you ever use a teether for teething when you could simply wear it and continue to work the fist?

In other news, this girl looks exactly like her daddy.


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