Dear Margaret

Sweet Baby Girl,
You are 3 and 1/2 months old!  Your daddy and I cannot get over how fast time has flown since you were born, and how big you have gotten!  We are so thankful for your life, when we found out you were joining our little family we were overjoyed, we had been praying and praying for you to come along and God answered our prayers.

You are loved by many, many people.  So many people prayed that we would have you and prayed for you during the scares you gave us when I was pregnant with you.  We knew from early on you were a fighter and were tough.  Twice when you were in my belly we rushed to the hospital thinking we had lost you, and twice we had ultrasounds that showed you wiggling and dancing away unconcerned with what was wrong.  In the beginning of Mommy’s pregnancy you weren’t growing well and the doctors were very concerned, then you started growing fast and haven’t stopped since!

When you came we were so excited!  The first time I saw you I was overwhelmed, excited, happy and absolutely in love with you.  Your Daddy instantly fell in love, I’ve never seen him look so excited or happy as he was when he saw you and held you for the first time.

Then we brought you home, your favorite thing in the world to do was eat…..and really has been ever since.  You’ve grown so much in the last 3 months.

Eating is still your favorite thing, whether nursing or having a bottle with Daddy, you never have trouble eating and always have a big appetite, and it shows!  You are a healthy girl and already wearing 6 and 9 month clothes, your 3 month outfits stopped fitting a long time ago!

You love bathtime, you would be so happy to sit in the bathtub kicking your feet all night if we would let you, we usually pull you out when you start shivering although you never complain about that….

You are very independent.  You aren’t much of a snuggler at all, if you are awake you like to be on the floor playing with your toys.  You love your jungle play mat and spin yourself around talking and playing….

You also roll over both ways, although you are more likely to roll from your back to your belly and then get mad because it’s too much work to roll back and you don’t usually like being on your belly.

You love sleeping at night you usually only get up once a night to eat now, and some nights you sleep 7 or 8 hours.  You don’t always sleep so much during the day, usually little cat naps.  You like your pacifier to fall asleep and usually spit it out shortly after drifting off…..

I have to try to pull it out from under your face without waking you or you wake up with an imprint on your face that lasts the better part of a day.

You love your daddy.  You give him a hard time sometimes if you know I’m home, but you save your best playtime for him.  When he gets home you love to talk and talk and talk while he changes your diaper.  And you talk and talk and talk while he puts you in your pjs.  And you love storytime with daddy before bed.  Everynight he reads you The Going to Bed Book and usually reads it 3 times before you are ready to be done:

You are a sweet girl, laid back and beautiful.  We love you so much and are amazed everyday watching you grow more and more.


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