Over Winter….

I am so ready for winter to be over.  At least when we lived up north it snowed and it made it feel like cold was worth it….here it’s just cold, and drizzly.  It is comical to see how people down here respond to a dusting of snow though.  Little Miss and I woke up one morning last week to the sound of a motor with the most horrible metal clanging noise I’ve ever heard.  I looked outside to figure out what it was.  The first thing I notices was a dusting of snow, and I really mean a dusting, the kind of dusting where in Syracuse or New Hampshire people wouldn’t even say it had snowed.

The awful noise?  The apartment complex snowblower, running away with blades dropped all the way slamming into the pavement and not blowing any.snow.at.all.  But, I guess they figure it snowed so they were obligated to use a snowblower.  A push broom would have sufficed for the job if they felt anything needed to be cleared.

I also had a funny experience last winter when we got some ice and snow.  I went out to start slamming ice off the car.  There was a man with a car parked near me who was hacking away at the ice on his car, which was not turned on.  I went out, hopped in the car, turned it on with all heaters and defrosters on full blast and then proceeded to start trying to chip off the car.  He kinda looked at me sideways for a minute and then jumped in his car and turned it on before continuing to hack away at the outside.  

I’m ready to be outside without being bundled….but that also means my sweet baby girl will be so much bigger.  We have one more week of peace and then the absolute crazy two week period begins which includes a big b-day bash for my mother-in-law, trip to South Carolina to see Uncle Brendan graduate from Marine Corps boot camp, a baby shower for Aunt Ellen and moving to our new house!


2 thoughts on “Over Winter….

  1. Mom Hogan

    Hey Mary,
    Well, there is no snow up here in New Hampshire right now either. The most recent picture of little miss is now my screen saver. She gets cuter by the day!


  2. Anonymous

    Love the headband! She is adorable. Looking forward to seeing all of you n Deep Creek Lake. THANKS for the picture. Come visit Syracuse…we have SNOW and more coming all the time. Erin



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