Movin’ and Shakin’

Although we are just shy of 3 months here, this baby girl is already starting to move and shake more than I can handle!  This week we crested the point of some 6 month clothes being too small and have busted out a few 9 month outfits that she fits in.  I measured her two weeks after her 2 month appointment and she had grown 2 inches, 2 inches in 2 weeks! …..girlfriend is going to be wearing 4T on her first birthday I think.

Her new trick is to spin circles on her play mat.  Here is her progression over the course of a half hour she spun all the way around I just wasn’t there with the camera ready, but she’s quite mobile for someone who doesn’t crawl yet!

She also had some reading time with Daddy the other night, she was very into it as you can see, I wasn’t sure she would be but she sat quite intently while he read the book several times to her:

And, Mommy got a little crazy and purchases some headbands.

The flowers detach so you can mix and match, there are a couple (the zebra print) I don’t think will get worn out of the house, but we put one of them on for a test run:


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