It’s cold down here, and I don’t just mean for Virginia I think 10 degrees anywhere is cold.  But I will say after only living down here for 2 years, I enjoy my 50 degree winters and don’t miss the constant freezing and snow too much.  Because of the cold weather and raging flu season Little Miss and I haven’t ventured out much in the last week.  Because when we do, this is what is required:

Little Miss has started talking a lot more lately, she has also really been working on her eye hand coordination, which has been so fun to see, she doesn’t like it when I interrupt her playtime though:


And sometimes playtime can be so tiring that a nap in the jungle is required

Little Miss isn’t much of a napper, so it’s actually very exciting when she falls asleep at all during the day, although we can’t complain because at 12 weeks this girl usually sleeps 8-10 hours a night. 

This little girl is also obsessed with screens, the TV or computer, she loves the TV, and it’s not like we even have it on that much, but if it’s on no matter where she is in the room, she’ll find it.  The computer is a close second, she was helping Daddy do the taxes the other day, she sat there for a long time watching him type and check off boxes, I’m glad she’s that excited about doing taxes, mommy and daddy certainly aren’t!

We’re waiting for our warm weather to come back (which it should next week, 58 degrees in the forcast) so we can start going for walks again and get out of the house!


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  1. Mom Hogan

    I am just glad that you left when you did. It was 15 below zero at our house the other morning! Love all the pics of Miss Maggie. Looking forward to seeing her again soon, almost (not quite) as much as I am looking forward to seeing Brendan.



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